In today’s dynamic workplace, effective communication is key to fostering employee engagement, especially when it comes to share plans.

While traditional assets like PDF brochures have been the norm, they often fail to capture employees’ attention and provide a truly immersive experience.

We think microsites offer a solution – and as we’ll explain later, they don’t have to break the bank.

Here’s why you should think about ditching your brochure and using a microsite instead:

  • `A more engaging experience

Microsites are designed to be more than just informative platforms – they’re interactive experiences that engage and inspire employees. Through visually appealing design, multimedia elements, and intuitive navigation, employees are drawn into the world of share plans, making learning enjoyable and effortless.

  • Tailored user journeys

Your employees will have varying levels of familiarity and expertise when it comes to share plans.

Microsites let you easily cater for different employee types, making sure that both experts and novices can easily find the information they need without friction. By mapping user journeys and optimising the navigation flow, you can streamline the experience for each employee.

  • Actionable insights

Beyond just providing information, microsites can give you actionable insights into employee engagement and behaviour. With robust analytics, you can track your employees’ journeys and refine your communication strategy to optimise engagement.

  • Device responsive

In today’s digital age, employees expect information to be accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Microsites are built with responsiveness in mind, creating a seamless experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Whether employees are in the office or on the go, they can access share plan information effortlessly, enhancing convenience and usability.

  • Continuous learning

Unlike static PDF brochures which quickly become outdated, our microsites offer a dynamic learning experience which evolves over time.

With regular updates and additions, employees have access to fresh content and resources, making sure their knowledge of share plans remains up-to-date and relevant.

  • Accessibility features

We understand the importance of accessibility for all employees, including those with disabilities. That’s why our microsites are compliant with the latest WGAC 2.2 accessibility guidelines.

This means they incorporate accessibility features such as screen reader compatibility, alt text for images, and adjustable font sizes. By making sure our microsites are accessible to all, we empower every employee to engage with share plan content effectively.

Expertly designed and written microsites which won’t break the bank

While cutting-edge technology often comes with a hefty price tag, our microsites offer unparalleled value at an affordable price point.

Starting at just £9,995, our microsites won’t break the bank, and you can be confident you’re getting the best solution for your budget.

We’re passionate about revolutionising share plan communications and empowering organisations to unlock the full potential of their share plans. Our microsites are more than just communication tools—they’re catalysts for engagement, growth, and success.

Ready to elevate your share plan communications to new heights? Check out our example site now.