Joining an employer’s share plan is many people’s first step into investing.

Investing can seem complicated and even worrying for the inexperienced. And however well you explain your share plan, it’s natural your employees will still have a few questions.

But you needn’t let these become barriers to getting involved. Below we look at some of the most common concerns, and share some tips on how to address them.

Common concerns:

  • What the risks? What are the chances I will lose money?
  • How volatile is the share price? How is it likely to perform in the future?
  • Is the company a good investment?
  • What are the restrictions on selling my shares?
  • Will I have to pay more tax?

These examples are only the tip of the iceberg. You should try to cover as many common questions as possible in your FAQs.

But it’s also vital to have a clearly signposted way for people to ask for more information.

This could be through your share plan administrator’s helpdesk or live chat function. Or, better still, include contact details for your share plans team. In our experience, most employees would rather ask an expert from their own company – provided, of course, you have the time to answer any queries.

A great way of informally tackling questions is through share plan ‘champions’. Designated employees from across your business who you’ll equip to field any queries and advocate for your plan.

Here are some more tips for providing clear, straightforward answers and reassurance:

  • Use plain language

Avoid jargon or complex financial terms. Be approachable and write like you’d speak. Check out our tips for easy-to-read copy.

  • Give examples

Real-life examples help employees understand how the plan works and what they can expect.

  • Be up-front about risk

Risks hidden in the small print are off-putting. People need to understand the risks if they’re going to join. So explain these in the same approachable tone as the benefits. Of course you can also explain how the plan mitigates these risks.

  • Offer extra resources

Blogs, guides, webinars, videos, and calculators will all aid understanding. Think carefully about accessibility and use a variety of channels to make sure you reach everyone.

  • Encourage questions

Invite employees to ask questions and seek clarification if they’re not sure.

  • Offer reassurance

Explain how you’ve aligned with the company’s goals and values. And how joining supports the company’s success.


By following these tips, you can provide clear, straightforward answers. And you can offer reassurance about the benefits and risks of your plan.

This can help employees make informed decisions about whether to join. Dealing with questions in a clear, reassuring way can overcome barriers to joining.

If you’d like some help with your share plan communications, we’d love to chat.